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atWar: strategické vojnové hry, hraj viac než Risk online

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar je bezplatná multiplayerová strategická hra priamo vo vašom prehliadači ovplyvnená vojnovými hrami ako Risk a Civilization (prihlás sa s tvoj9m Facebook účtom alebo hraj ako hosť!

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Congratulations to Noobs on winning the Winter 2021 season! Also congrats to Elysium for 2nd place, and Wussies Slayers for 3rd place (and their 1st clan war trophy to date).

I'd also like to give a special shout out to Hellenism who were the most active clan of the season, with 183 CWs!

The Spring 2021 season starts today, and for this new season we are introducing some new prizes:

The winning clans will be awarded:
1st place: 80,000 SP + 8,000 ProtoCoins
2nd place: 50,000 SP + 5,000 ProtoCoins
3rd place: 20,000 SP + 2,000 ProtoCoins

And, for the first time, we are adding a prize for the Most Active clan (i.e. most number of games in the season, whether they win or not):

Most Active: 100,000 SP + 10,000 ProtoCoins

(All amounts will be divided by the total members of clan and each member will get their portion.)

Plus, a new seasonal trophy will be given to the Most Active clan.

Good luck!

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24.12 - Santa is Back!
22.12 - Content Update 2020 #6 - New Strategies: Aerial Defender and Covert Operations
15.12 - atWar Press #25

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